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Fire Damage Claims

Fire is one of the most emotionally and financially devastating disasters that can happen to a home or business. From smoke damage to the complete incineration of your treasured memories and records the financial, psychological and emotional trauma can affect you for years to come.

High Peaks Public Adjusters deeply understands and will represent your interests with your insurance company. We’ll work hard to file your claim quickly to maximize your financial recovery so that you can have financial peace of mind as you rebuild and recover.


When you can safely re-enter…

Gather Your Records

Locate your identification such as driver’s license, birth certificate, social security card and passort, medical and property insurance policies, bank records and other financial information.

Gather Your Valuables

Find your cash, jewelry, mementos, photo albums and other items that are meaningful to you. Bring some small plastic bags within which you can place these items as they may be wet, soiled or have strong odors.

Document the Scene

Document your losses by taking as many photos and videos as you safely can. Be sure to back up this imagery on a separate hard drive or to the cloud.

Protect and Preserve the Scene

Do NOT disguard damaged property. Using tarps and boards cover what you can to prevent further damages and keep all of your receipts throughout this process to document your expenses.

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Our dedication to our clients spans over 3 decades. We can help you manage and navigate your insurance during a crisis. Residential and commercial claims for fire damage, frozen pipes, water, wind and weather damage can be complicated. Call High Peaks Public Adjusters for more information on how we can work for you, the policy holder.

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